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316 Stainless Steel American Made Drop-In Anchors

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Order now and receive free freight! Every American Made 316 Stainless Steel Drop-In anchor is in stock for immediate shipping.

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    • The 316 stainless steel American-made drop-In anchors are manufactured with steel melted in the United States of America.

        • Each order is shipped with certification that the anchor is manufactured in the U. S. and that the steel is melted domestically.
        • Anchors meet the requirements of the BAA (Buy America Act)
        • Order online and receive free freight

      Product Information for American 316 Stainless Steel Drop-In Anchors

        • Available in five diameters: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4"
        • American Stainless Steel Plated Drop-In anchor are not manufactured in 5/16", 7/8" or 1"
        • Each diameter is manufactured in one length
        • Require the use of a setting tool, which must be purchased separately
        • Internal threads are National Coarse
        • Minimum embedment length is equal to the anchor length


        • The item number refers to the side diameter or bolt diameter that threads into the 316 stainless steel American-made drop-In anchor.
        • The letters preceding the numbers refer to the product designation; "A" stands for "American" made, "D" is for "drop" and the "I" for "in"
        • ADIS31614 is the 1/4" diameter 316 Stainless Steel
        • ADIS31638 is the 3/8" diameter 316 Stainless Steel
        • ADIS31612 is the 1/2" diameter 316 Stainless Steel
        • ADIS31658 is the 5/8" diameter 316 Stainless Steel
        • ADIS31634 is the 3/4" diameter 316 Stainless Steel


        • The American-made 316 stainless steel drop-In anchor is designed for use in solid concrete and should never be used in brick, block or hollow masonry.
        • A setting tool is required to be used to set each American 316 stainless steel drop-In anchor
        • All setting tools are sold separately
        • The thread length of each anchor is equal to about 1/2 of the anchor length
        • All American 316 stainless steel drop-In anchors are internally treaded with national coarse threads
        • Minimum embedment required is equal to the length of the anchor being installed

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Picture of 1/2" American Made Drop-In Anchor 316 Stainless Steel, 50/Box ADIS31612 5/8" SHIPS FREE $515.50
Picture of 3/4" American Made Drop-In Anchor 316 Stainless Steel, 25/Box ADIS31634 1" SHIPS FREE $673.00