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Order now and receive free freight! Every CONFAST® Machine Screws Anchor/Setting Tool is in stock for immediate shipping.

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    • The CONFAST® Machine Screws Anchor/Setting Tool accepts a machine threaded screw (National Coarse Threads) and can be used in most masonry base materials such as brick, block or solid concrete.

      • Free freight on all orders over $25.00, shipped in the US
      • Delivery can be expected in 1 to 3 business days from date ordered
      • Requires a setting tool; setting tool not included
      • Anchor size is hole size

      Product Information - CONFAST® Machine Screws Anchor/Setting Tool

      • Eight diameters available
      • Each anchor has a corresponding sized setting tool
      • Minimum anchor embedment is equal to anchor length
      • Diameter of anchor refers to the inside or bolt diameter
      • Hole size is equal to the outside diameter of the CONFAST® Machine Screw Anchor/Setting Tool
      • Corrosion resistant for use in outdoor moist atmospheres
      • Pull-out value in 2000 PSI concrete
      • Shear values not provided because the shear value depends on the type of bolt used
      • Bolt is not included with anchor
      • Nomenclature
        • "MS" stands for "Machine Screw"
        • The numbers refer to the anchor size, i.e. "58" equals 5/8"
        • Setting tools are labeled "MST" for "Machine Screw Tool" with the number referring to the corresponding anchor

      In order to locate the CONFAST® Machine Screws Anchor/Setting Tool needed for any job, refer to the product listing. The list is arranged from the smallest diameter to the largest diameter. The setting tools are listed after the anchors and are arranged from smallest to largest.

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Picture of #8 -32 Machine Screw Anchor, 100/Box MS8 5/16" SHIPS FREE $20.00
Picture of #10 - 24 Machine Screw Anchor, 100/Box MS10 3/8" SHIPS FREE $23.00
Picture of 1/4" Machine Screw Anchor, 100/Box MS14 1/2" SHIPS FREE $32.00
Picture of 5/16" Machine Screw Anchor, 100/Box MS516 5/8" SHIPS FREE $47.79
Picture of 3/8" Machine Screw Anchor, 50/Box MS38 3/4" SHIPS FREE $42.50
Picture of 1/2" Machine Screw Anchor, 20/Box MS12 7/8" SHIPS FREE $23.00
Picture of 5/8" Machine Screw Anchor, 15/Box MS58 1-1/8" SHIPS FREE $33.75
Picture of 3/4" Machine Screw Anchor, 10/Box MS34 1-1/4" SHIPS FREE $29.90