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Order now and receive free freight! Every CONFAST® Carbide Tapcon Bits are in stock for immediate shipping.

  • Additional Information
    • A Tapcon® bit is a carbide tipped bit used to drill the pilot hole in the masonry base material before inserting the Tapcon® screw. All Tapcon® screws sold by Concrete Fasteners, Inc. are packaged 100 pieces per box with one Tapcon® bit included in the box.

      • Tapcon® bits listed on this page:
        • Designed for use with the Tapcon® installation Kit
        • 5/32" diameter Tapcon® bit for the 3/16" diameter Tapcon®
        • 3/16" diameter Tapcon® bit for use with the 1/4" Tapcon®
      • Lengths of Tapcon® bits:
        • 5 different lengths of 3-1/2", 4-1/2", 5-1/2", 6-1/2" and 7-1/2"
        • Each length will drill a hole in the masonry about 1" less than the overall length
        • Different lengths correspond to the different lengths of Tapcon® Screw
      • Flute Length
        • The length of the flute is equal to the maximum hole depth that the bit can drill. It is important to know that drilling deeper than the flute depth will clog up the hole, slow drilling speed and may create a hole that is not of the tolerance required to obtain maximum holding values of the Tapcon® Screw.
      • Carbide Tip
        • Each Tapcon® bit is manufactured of the highest quality carbide available
        • All carbide is brazed, not soldered, to provide superior holding and life
        • Meets ANSI standards to assure that the correct hole tolerances are met

      Finding the Correct Bit

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      • Filter by attributes, i.e., diameter and length
      • Go to Product List to locate a list of all Tapcon® bits available

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